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New 2017 Multifaith Calendar will be available in August...

MAS is pleased to announce the publication of the new 2017 Multifaith Calendar - Love and Compassion.

Look around – what in this world could not benefit from a little more love and compassion? Think about your neighbourhood, office, classroom, city, country, world – everyone benefits from an outpouring of love and compassion. In Canada, where the Multifaith Action Society produces the Multifaith Calendar every year, we are celebrating our 150th year (sesquicentennial anniversary) of confederation.

We believe in love and compassion as integral Canadian qualities and so we asked our artists to explore this theme.

MAS would like to extend a note of gratitude to all of the artists who submitted works for consideration for the 2017 MFC. We are extremely honoured to have the opportunity to view such high quality and compelling pieces. We hope you enjoy the results.

About MAS

The Multifaith Action Society is a registered non-profit society and charity based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our primary aims are:

  • Promoting interfaith and multifaith dialogue and understanding.

  • Providing information and resources on world religions to the community.

  • Encouraging all people of faith to collaborate on vital community programs, particularly those which provide support and advocacy for marginalized citizens or groups or foster the well-being of the community as a whole.

  • Cooperating with other agencies and organizations to promote initiatives which contribute to the common good.

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