Multifaith Calendar

Learn more about world religions..... Create a welcoming, friendly environment for your clients and employees!

Today's society is both diverse and multicultural. Festivals and religious holidays are an important part of many peoples' lives. Being aware of these occasions can foster a working environment that is open, inclusive and productive.


The Multifaith Calendar facilitates understanding of these religious occasions and festivals important to our diverse cultural communities. Our Calendar is held in high regard for its accuracy, integrity and visual impact.

In addition, the 2015 Multifaith Calendar: Stillness offers...

  • A source of accurate dates and descriptions of over 400 events, including observances from 14 world religions.
  • A collection of original art and stunning photography.
  • An excellent fundraising vehicle for non-profit/charitable organizations.
  • Bulk discounts as well as wholesale and retail opportunities available.

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An online subscription-based version of the Multifaith Calendar is now available to organizations, businesses, institutions, etc.

Subscription plans can be activated at any time and available for any time period up to 3 years, giving organizations the ability to plan well ahead when organizing events.

Fully customizable for each customer, our Electronic MFC offers a great option for those looking for a green solution to promoting diversity and awareness in the workplace..