Society Business

Society Business · August 14, 2023
The Multifaith Action Society of BC is a Vancouver-based charity dedicated to interfaith dialogue and collaboration. We are looking for a part-time Operations/Programs Manager for 10 hours a week. This is a long-term position with opportunities for growth as the Multifaith Action Society grows and evolves. The position is ideal for someone looking for meaningful community work and who recognizes the value of creating interfaith connections and open dialogue among the myriad faith traditions and...

Society Business · July 20, 2020
The Multifaith Action Society held its Annual General Meeting on June 15, 2020. One of the highlights of the AGM is the presentation of the Presidents' Report, which summarizes the society's various accomplishments and milestones over the past year. The report, delivered by MAS President Connie Waterman, is available for download at the link below.