The Multifaith Calendar

Proudly published annually by the Multifaith Action Society for 34 years, the acclaimed Multifaith Calendar combines comprehensive information relating to world religions, their spiritual traditions and observances with beautiful, community-sourced artwork to create a unique and compelling product with outstanding educational and artistic value.


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Nearly 500 different holidays and religious festivals from 14 world religions, as well as select cultural events, public holidays and United Nations observances, are detailed in the Calendar. By helping to raise awareness of these observances, as well as their historical origins and any spiritual precepts that maybe associated with them, the Multifaith Calendar continues to assist and facilitate cross-cultural understanding, provide a basis for dialogue, discussion and community involvement / engagement, and foster environments of mutual respect, awareness and understanding across communities and in workplaces as well as both private and public institutions across North America and Internationally.

The theme for the new 2020 Multifaith Calendar is:
Reimagining Peace and Harmony.

Who does not want world peace and harmony in their lives? It is an almost universal desire. But today, the world seems to be moving away from this ideal.

What do you think peace looks like? Is it different than harmony? We all have moments of peace. We can in fact take a snap shot of the moment when we felt at peace, but then it seems that the moment moves away from us.


Harmony is a little more fluid. It is not just one thing or one moment. Harmony is often created when many notes or many things come together in a new way and create a feeling.


The 2020 Multifaith Calendar offers you the opportunity to reflect on reimagining these two precious commodities in today’s world. Enjoy!

Far from being just an informational resource, the Multifaith Calendar also provides a platform for emerging visual artists to have their work exhibited in print. Each year, hundreds of artists from around the globe respond to a Call for Submissions from mid-October to the end of January each year (the overarching artistic theme of the Calendar changes annually), and our MFC Production Team ultimately identifies approximately 28 original works of art for publication. Artists whose work is included are awarded honorariums and given full credit, and in this way the Calendar helps to increase the public exposure, marketability and livelihoods of artists as well.


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